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There’s a notion out there that design reviews should only be objective and unopinionated.

We get it. But we also believe that heuristics and checklists can only take you so far.

There’s real value in seeking opinions from experts with an eye for tasteful design.

These experts can not only pick up on usability concerns, but also issues relating to typography, messaging and even brand.

New Wonder specializes in these types of reviews.

So if you have website or app that could use a second opinion, we'd love to hear from you.

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Walmart’s button placement hides important info.
In our quick review of Walmart’s redesign, we took issue with how the placement of their Add to Cart button made it harder to see what the product was.
Screenshot of the product listing from Walmart's mobile app depicting the Add button covering a crucial part of the product photo.
The placement of the Add button makes it harder for users to compare and purchase products.
Move the button next to the price so users can see the full photo and make the photo larger.
Revised mockup of Walmart's product listing screen showing a repositioned Add button and larger product photo.
The Bottom Line
Larger, unobscured product photos would improve user experience and sales conversion.
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Video thumbnail of Design Review for Walmart.
Microsoft makes it hard to know when popular products come back in stock.
Imagine making it hard for your loyal fans to buy your flagship $2600 computer?

That’s what happened with Microsoft’s top-of-the-line Surface Pro went out of stock. Not only did Microsoft not tell users when they expect more, they didn’t provide a way to get notified.
Users can’t make an informed decision and will buy a lower margin (but available) product or go to a competing product.
Screenshot of Microsoft's Product order page showing the lack of options when an item is out of stock.
Revised mockup of Microsoft's product order page showing an option for the user to provide their email for out of stock items.
Let your users give you their email so they can be notified when the product they want comes back in stock.
The Bottom Line
Users will be more likely to buy if they can stay informed.
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Video thumbnail for design review of Microsoft's e-commerce experiences.
There are some of the things we found in the our unsolicited, mini design reviews.
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You’ll find questionable UX decisions in products from startups to Fortune 100 companies.

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